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What Are the Exercise Habits of Doctors?

Oftentimes, when patients visit their family physician, they often receive advice on how to improve their diet, monitor any existing health issues, and maintain or lose weight to enhance their health status. While some patients may follow this advice, nearly all patients wonder exactly what doctors do to maintain their health and physical fitness. After all, doctors always seem to have hectic schedules. So, how can they possible fit in physical activity?

The key to fitness for physicians is fitting in exercise when they have time. Between patients, classes, and meetings, physicians have a limited amount of time for family activities and interests, including fitness. As a result, a routine that emphasizes maximum exertion in minimal time is optimal. High intensity training and running are great activities that can exert maximum energy in minimal time.

In addition, most doctors recognize the importance of exercise, regardless of physical limitation or time constraints. Many recent studies have proven that several short sessions of physical activity per day is equivalent to one longer session, as long as the heart rate increases at the same rate. Therefore, utilizing any extra time to fit in a few fat-blasting moves allows doctors to maintain their physique in minimal time.

One of the most effective tools that doctors use in the development and maintenance of an exercise regimen is their knowledge. Understanding the health effects that result from a lack of physical activity or obesity allows doctors to develop exercise routines that work for them and encourages them to stick with it. By seeing the real effects of poor health habits in their offices on a daily basis, doctors have the potential to increase motivation towards enhancing their own physical capabilities and fending off ill health effects that may arise from a lack of physical activity.




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